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Having grown up both queer and neurodivergent, I have a deeply held passion for exploring the relationships between our inner identities and the external environment. Our identities are often immense sources of strength and adaptability, but friction between them and the world can also be a source of substantial pain.


For people with marginalized identities (such as related to disability, race, sexuality, or gender), this may be even more pronounced. My personal history has given me a respect for the impact these pains may have on an individual’s life journey, and an awareness that normative ideas often do not reflect these experiences. Recognizing that sexual resourcing and politics often leave out many disabled individuals entirely, I have a particular passion for pursuing sexual justice for all manner of intersectional, disabled experiences.


Given this, my clinical approach is eclectic and aims to provide clients with an affirming environment to center their narratives which is anti-racist, feminist, disability-informed, body-positive, sex/kink-positive, and nonjudgemental. Before becoming a clinician, I worked in both disability justice and social justice-informed clinical education, and I graduated with my Masters of Social Work in clinical practice, with a specialization in sex and gender, from the Silberman School of Social Work. Given my passions and history, I joined Express Yourself Therapy first as a clinical intern and then as a staff person due to my passion for promoting social and sexual justice for all manner of individuals and communities. 


If you are curious about working together, please email at to set up a consultation.

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