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As a mixed-race Korean, queer, trans, and non-binary person, I work to witness and experience the impact systemic oppression has on our ability to build interdependent relationships and communities. For over ten years, I have worked to build opportunities for folks of various identities to be joyful, playful, creative, and at ease in their bodies. I specialize in working with queer and trans people of color in transformational moments in your life that promote feeling stuck that might manifest as anxiety, depression, and how different identities that we hold play a role influencing how grounded we feel in navigating through systems that reassert that your goals aren’t possible. I specialize in working with queer and trans folks of color, polyamourous relationships/redefining family, and youth. I utilize multiple methods and modalities to cater to each individual, couple and polycule that I work with.


As a therapist, I focus on providing spaces to open up and examine what has worked, what no longer works, and what could work in the future. We all develop strategies to survive and live in this world, but I firmly believe examining all the pieces we bring to the table can help us open up new possibilities and pathways for not just surviving, but thriving. I am also passionate about exploring and redefining notions of family and intergenerational community in relationship to queerness and in rejection of white supremacy and colonialism. 


I believe therapeutic work is inherently relational and is a collaborative and co-created partnership between me and my clients (individuals, couples, families, etc.). I ground my work in consent and trust building that is: (1) trauma-informed; (2) works through biases; and (3) leverages various skills, theories, and strategies. I love finding creative ways to approach conversation, whether through music, art, or tv shows. Anything important for you to bring into the space will be welcome. 


I recieved my LMSW from Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work and have since supported first-generation recent college graduates in career readiness at COOP. Previously, I have worked in youth organizing, youth arts programming, after-school programming, national queer youth organizing at GLSEN, and youth homelessness and crisis support.

If you're curious about working together, I invite you to reach out: please email me at to set up a free consultation.


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