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As a therapist I work to witness and experience the impact systemic oppression has on our ability to build interdependent relationships and communities. As a mixed-race queer, trans, and non-binary Korean American I know how necessary it is to create opportunities for folks of various identities to be joyful, playful, creative, and at ease in their bodies. For over 10 years I have been working with people during life’s transformational moments.  


I ground my work in consent and trust building that: (1) is trauma-informed; (2) addresses bias throughout; and (3) leverages various skills, theories, and strategies to uncover what has or hasn’t worked in the past and present. I believe therapeutic work is inherently relational and co-created between my clients and me. 


I love finding creative ways to approach the work, whether through spiritual practice, music, art, gaming, or television shows. Anything important for my clients to bring into the space is welcome in our work together. Likewise, I cater each therapeutic modality (narrative, somatic, relational, interpersonal, solutions-focused, etc.) to the individual, couple, or polycule I am working with. My client base includes folks of  all racial backgrounds, gender expressions, identities, sexual orientations, and kink/BDSM/poly/ethical non-monogamy experiences.


Some of my experiences that I bring into my work include:


  • Receiving my LMSW from Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work 

  • Supporting first-generation recent college graduates in career readiness at COOP

  • Supporting local and national youth organizing 

  • Providing crisis support for queer and trans youth, specifically those dealing with houselessness 

  • Creating artistic and creative spaces with and for youth, including after-school programming like open mics, dances, visual arts, etc.

  • Leading virtual community gaming groups to talk about identity and mental health, including gender, sexuality, neurodivergence, and nonmonogamy at Hero's Journey Club

  • Leading trans and queer spaces for Koreans to talk about gender for the Korean Queer and Trans Network, both locally and nationally

  • Collaborating and drumming with a Puungmul crew in solidarity with protest and liberation-based movements

  • Consulting on queer diversity and programming for numerous organizations such as GLSEN, the NYC Department of Education, API Rainbow Parents, Faith in Public Life, and New York University 

  • Receiving certification and training as a full spectrum doula and Reiki practitioner, respectively


We all develop strategies over time to survive and live in this world. Therapy can help us open up new possibilities and pathways for not just surviving, but thriving. We can explore, redefine, and play with notions of family and intergenerational community both in relationship to queerness and in rejection of white supremacy and colonialism. 


If you're curious about working together, please email me at to set up a free consultation.


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