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As a queer, Black, disabled & neurodivergent, non-binary person, the lack of diversity among clinical therapists was a major inspiration in my decision to enter the field of social work. My life experiences holding intersectional marginalized identities and privileges has given me a unique perspective that I bring to serving members of LGBTQIA+, disabled, sex work, kinky, ENM & polyamorous communities who have had limited access to affirming and nonjudgmental mental health services.


I graduated from Columbia School of Social Work, where I held a concentration in health, mental health & disabilities. I approach therapy as a team effort grounded in trauma-informed, anti-racist, body positive, sex & kink positive, and feminist ideals. My therapy practice, while primarily based in Relational Therapy, is eclectic, borrowing from multiple modalities in order to find the best approach for each individual client, couple, or polycule. 


With a background in public service, I have previously served survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual violence, elders experiencing neglect and abuse, and incarcerated people. My longstanding passion for destigmatizing sexuality, BDSM/kink, consensual sex work, and all forms of consensual non-monogamous relationships have brought me to Express Yourself Therapy following a clinical internship at the Institute for Human Identity.


If you are curious about working together, please email to set up a consultaiton

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