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Group therapy can often help you find your “voice.” Groups can teach you about yourself. They help with reducing isolation and gaining social skills. Hearing others speak about similar issues and concerns will help you feel that you are not alone. Groups can offer hope, encouragement, inspiration, and sometimes suggestion. Because of this, groups can provide peer support different than that which your therapist can provide to you in a one-on-one session.

Spoon Theory: A Disability & Chronic Illness Support Group

May 6-July 2


Spoon Theory is a virtual support group for people who identify as disabled and/or chronically ill. This will be a space for folks to build community, share experiences, and get support from peers. The group will run May 6th through July 2nd (skipping May 27th), and will be facilitated by Lowell and Max from Express Yourself Therapy. The exact time of day will be determined by consensus of participants.


This group will center the experiences of intersectional identities impacted most by chronic illness & disability, especially when navigating medical and wellness systems. We encourage exploration of the ways other marginalized identities, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergence & Fatness impact experiences in these systems.


This group is open to anyone who:

- Identifies as having a disability and/or chronic illness

- Is 18 years or older

- Has access to an internet connection

- Is located in New York state


Discussion topics will be participant-led and could cover a range of experiences navigating the world with disability and/or chronic illness.


If you, or someone you know, is interested please direct them to the screening form to express interest.

Any questions can be directed to Lowell (

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