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Therapist in Training


It’s hard to find a therapist where the fit feels just right. As a trans woman, I understand the process of seeking a clinician who can bring a rich understanding of the queer experience into the clinical space that is affirming and nonjudgemental. I hope to create warmth and ease with all my clients, to cultivate a space where we explore your experiences and come to a deeper understanding together–to meet the needs that bring you into therapy and explore whatever may surface in the process. 


The Queer community is expansive and diverse and I know the importance of bringing anti-racist, anti-oppression, trans-affirming, sex-positive lenses to the work to support clients whose lived experiences are different from and similar to mine. I have experience working with survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, as well as queer and trans adults moving through varied life stages and transitions. 


To see if we may be a good fit, email to set up a consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

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