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Clinical Supervisor


Growing up in New York City’s pre-gentrified Lower East Side as a second-generation multicultural woman of color and neurodivergent, I witnessed and experienced first-hand how imbalances in power and privilege affects the quality of life of those deemed “undeserving” and/or “not belonging”. My experiences influenced my choice to pursue a career in social work where my values of integrity, trust, compassion and social justice inform my work in mental health and advocacy.


The therapeutic relationship is intimately personal, built on foundations of trust and safety. My style is empathic, direct and non-judgemental. I offer a space to discuss your concerns and collaborate with you on how to best meet your goals as well as examining existing barriers. I have experience working with adolescents (16+), young adults, and adults of diverse cultural, ethnic, religious/spiritual and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as individuals who identify as LGBTQA+, and who live alternative lifestyles. 



My specialities and interests include stress management, anxiety, OCD, ADHD coaching, relationship stress, and issues related to multicultural identities, especially the experiences of first and second-generation immigrants and college attendees. 



At Express Yourself Therapy NYC I provide clinical supervision to interns and I am available for consultation. I greatly enjoy connecting with the community through workshops and trainings; examples of past topics and themes include: Recognizing and Responding to Distress and Trauma for non-clinicians, reducing burnout and stress management, Unpacking Imposter Syndrome, Mindful Communication and active listening, and identity-specific tailored workshops.


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