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Therapist in Training

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I am a second year master's student at Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, specializing in Clinical Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups. I believe that healing is possible within the context of an unconditionally warm and affirming therapeutic relationship. I am a white, queer cisgender man and I am committed to working through the harm, stress, and trauma that many of us endure in an imperialist, capitalist, white-supremacist hetero-patriarchy. As a second-generation immigrant from a religious background, I derive special meaning from helping people work through their cultural or faith-related conflicts. I approach my work from a kink, trans, poly, and sex-work-knowledgeable and affirming stance.


A former elementary school teacher, I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education, and I am attuned to the developmental needs of humans of all ages. As a writer, my work has appeared in The New York Times and various literary magazines, and I have performed my work at the LGBT Center. I hope to co-create a safe, productive, and healing space for our work together.

If you are curious about working together, please email at to set up a consultation.

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