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Express Yourself Therapy strives to provide inclusive and accessible services and because of that we offer a self-selecting sliding scale with 3 tiers of participation. We trust your ability to self-select the most appropriate payment option. Please choose with integrity with considering your needs and accounting for your privileges, access to resources, and any systemic barriers you may face. 

Payment Tiers:

  • HIGH TIER: When you choose to pay full price ($225-$350), you’re paying an amount that reflects the true cost of our services. As such, you’re helping us support ourselves, allowing us to invest in continuing education, and you are contributing to benefits as well as paid time off for our full-time employees. By paying the full price you are also helping to support those paying the low tier as well as the asylum seekers that we see for free.

  • MIDDLE TIER: When you choose the discounted middle rate ($125-$220), you’re helping us pay bills and cover costs associated with operating a small business. 

  • LOW TIER: When you choose the most deeply discounted rate ($40-$120), you’re giving your community the opportunity collectively support you. The number of low tier spots available at Express Yourself Therapy is limited to a relatively small number of clients per therapist.

All of these are acceptable ways of paying and there is no difference in services provided. 

Sliding Scale Guidelines: 

  • Consider paying lower on the scale if you are more likely to experience violence or discrimination as a result of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality or disability; if you are unemployed or underemployed; struggle to meet basic needs or experience financial insecurity; if your finances have been depleted by long-term chronic illness or disability; or if you have dependents or are a caretaker.

  • Consider paying more on the scale if you can comfortably meet your needs; are able to travel recreationally; have savings, retirement accounts or investments; have access to generational wealth; own your own home or can afford rent; work part time or are unemployed by choice, including unemployment due to full-time school in a degree-earning program, or benefit from racial, class, or gender privilege.

PRO BONO (free sessions):

LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers - LGBTQIA+ people experience vulnerabilities that cause many to leave their country of origin and seek refuge in another. Consensual same-sex sexual relationships are criminalized in 70 countries, and 11 countries could impose the death penalty if convicted. Research shows that many LGBTQIA+ people face persecution and violence, including domestic violence, rape, and murder, as well as discrimination in areas like education, employment, housing, and healthcare. For this reason, we work with undocumented LGBTQIA+ immigrants who are seeking asylum at no cost.

Trans/non-binary/intersex folx - The therapists at Express Yourself Therapy recognize the challenge of gatekeeping associated with access to gender affirming medical interventions. We pledge to support the trans, non-binary, and intersex community and to reduce barriers wherever possible. Because of this, we provide free short-term support to trans, non-binary, and intersex individuals who require letters for gender affirming medical care.

This sliding scale template is inspired by and adapted from Ride Free Fearless Money.

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