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Express Yourself Therapy strives to provide equitable, inclusive, and accessible services, so we invite you to self-select your financial commitment based on your unique circumstances. We trust your ability to select the most appropriate option, and we’ll strive to connect you with a therapist who can accommodate. 


Please choose with integrity when considering your needs and accounting for your access to resources, your privileges, and systemic barriers you face. 


Payment Tiers:

  • The High Tier ($225-350) reflects the true cost of services. This tier helps us support ourselves, invest in continuing education, and increases our capacity for offering services to clients who may only commit to a lower fee. 

  • The Middle Tier ($125-220) is a discounted rate which helps us pay bills and cover costs associated with operating a small business. 

  • The Low Tier ($40-120) is our most deeply discounted rate, made possible through community support. As such, therapists have limited capacity to offer these slots, depending on community investment. 


There is no difference in the quality of services provided based on your payment tier. 

Sliding Scale Guidelines:

  • Consider paying higher on the scale if you:

    • Benefit from racial, gender, or class privilege

    • Can comfortably meet your needs

    • Own a home or can reliably afford rent  

    • Have funds for recreational activities (travel, hobbies, etc.)

    • Have investments, savings, inheritances, retirement accounts, or access to generational wealth

    • Have out-of-network health insurance benefits

    • Are un- or under-employed by choice (including for schooling)

  • Consider paying lower on the scale if you:

    • Are likely to experience violence or discrimination as a result of: race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, or disability status

    • Struggle to meet basic needs / experience financial insecurity

    • Are un- or under-employed due to factors beyond your control

    • Are financially impacted by long-term chronic illness or disability

    • Have dependents or serve as a caretaker such that it has affected your ability to meet your needs


PRO BONO (free sessions):


  • For LGBTQIA+ Asylum Seekers: 
    Pervasive international vulnerabilities for LGBTQIA+ people lead many to leave their country of origin to find refuge in another. Consensual same-sex sexual relationships are criminalized in 70 countries, with 11 countries potentially carrying the death penalty if convicted. LGBTQIA+ individuals in even more countries face risks of violence and persecution which may include: murder, rape, domestic violence, and discrimination in education, employment, housing, and healthcare. For this reason we work with undocumented LGBTQIA+ immigrants seeking asylum at no cost.

  • Transgender, Non-Binary, and Intersex folks:
    Recognizing the gatekeeping and barriers associated with accessing gender affirming medical interventions, and the associated challenges, Express Yourself Therapy pledges to support the trans, non-binary, and intersex community and to reduce barriers wherever possible. As such, we provide free, short-term support to trans, non-binary, and intersex individuals who require letters for accessing gender affirming medical care.


This sliding scale template is inspired by and adapted from Ride Free Fearless Money.

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